Phoenix International Photography Planet Award (PIPPA)

Phoenix International Photography Planet Award (PIPPA) is exclusively organized by Phoenix Photographic Society. Planet Award is the Brain-child of Founder members of PPS. A grand & organized International photography contest where photography and photographers are celebrated. "The Planet Award by PPS started her journey from 2019. After giving much thought and creativity,this" "exclusive award is selected to inspire the Photographers from across the planet. Every year depending on their individual performance, only one photographer or entrant is selected as the ""Winner"" of the Phoenix Planet Award. Planet Award is going to embrace the glory of the Phoenix, always Rises from the Ashes. It depicts the inner philosophy of ""striving for the excellence"" and ""never to give up''. We the citizen of the blue" "planet, needs this more than ever."

Sayeeda Khanam Memorial Award

“sayeeda Khanam MemorialAward”(SKMA)Is a noble endeavor by “Phoenlx Photographic Soclety”(PPS).PPS Is Indebted to Initiate and continue, this sacred memorial award on the priceless memory of our beloved Ms Sayeeda Khanam. She is the founder adviser of Phoenix Photographic Society. After her passing on 18 August 2020, “Sayeeda Khanam Memorial Award” (SKMA)was initiated. Ms Sayeeda Khanam (29 December 1937 – 18 August 2020) was the first Bangladeshiwoman photographer.She was an iconic “personality to millions of photographers bothin countTy and abroad.She has proven the world that.””if you have courage and willtc pursue can accomplfsh anything She worked as a photographer wtth the ftlmmaker Satyajlt Ray In three of his fllms. Bes des Ray,shealso didportraits of personalitiessuch asQueen Elizabeth,NeilArmstrong,Buzz Aldrin,MotherTeresa,IndiraGandhiand Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.In 1960,she received an awardin All Pakistan Photo Contest andin 1985 shewas honoA!d with UNESCO Award for photography. She was conferred wtth the “”Ekushey Padak””Highest cllllllan award In Photography category from govemment of Bangladesh.She captured photographs as documentary photographer during our liberation war as well.As a pioneer woman photographer,she was the integralpart ofdie history of Bangladesh.” “Shewill always bea beacon of hope forour future generation.PPS will alwa}’5 celebrate””Ms Sayeeda Khanam””aniconic personality, an” adviser and amentcrin all herfuture endeavor.May hersoul restin peace forever.

Anwar Hossain Memorial Award

“Anwar Hossain MemorlalAward(AMA)Is a noble endeavor by.Phoenix Photographic Society””(PPS).PPS pledged toIntroduce and continue, this auspicious memorial award on the l..Dving memory of Anwar Hossain Anu.Heis the founder adviser of Phoenix Photographic Society.After his pa$s ng,while judging one of the editons of PPSintemationalphoto contest in 2018 -Anwar H0$$8in Memorlal Award(AMA) was Initiated. Anwar Hossain Anu-(6th October 194B-1st December 2018) was a Bangladeshi photographer and cinematographer.He won “Bangladesh National Fi m Award for Best Cinematography.He graduatedin architecture from BUET and secured a diploma in cinematography fromthe Fi mandTelevis onInstitute of Pune, ndia.His role indirect ng Film/Onema dur ng pre-lberation period.had a profound effect onthe mass people’s heart and mind.Hewas a manwith a vis on;who could see past hs timeInto thefar-fetched future.Hewas avaliant fTeedomfighter with cameraandrifle,at thesame time. His participation in our liberation war in 1971 enriched us with numerous photographic documentations;during our struggle for fTeedom andindependence.Heis and will always be an” Inspirationforourfuture generation.PPSwlll cherish•Anwar HossainAna selflessadviser and dedicated mentorIn allher endeavor.


Phoenix Photographic Society is an organization; works on the Principal of Learning, Sharing and Growing Together. Any one interested in photography or any branch of Photography, can join our society. Basically this society is created to establish a Platform, where photography can be promoted in different areas. Photographer, be it Armatures or Professionals, both can be benefited from the society’s activities. Welcome to the Society.

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